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Religious Education

Religious Education

Junior Cycle

In St Paul's CBS, Religious Education is taught as an exam subject and follows the state specification. It is a compulsory subject that allows students of all cultures, religious backgrounds and those with a non-religious worldview to learn together in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect.

The specification is built around the three strands of Exploring Questions, Expressing Beliefs, and Living our Values.

Students learn that the human search for meaning is common to people of all ages from all times and that this search has found and continues to find expression in Religion

They learn to identify how understandings of God and religious traditions have contributed to the culture in which we live and continue to have an impact on personal lifestyle, relationships between individuals and their communities.

Religious Education contributes to the moral & spiritual development of the school community and helps to promote the religious and overall development of the students.

The understanding of world religions is a major component in the teaching of Religious Education in St. Paul’s and students are encouraged to share their beliefs, customs and traditions.

Senior Cycle

Students follow a school-devised programme at senior cycle which is not examined at Leaving Cert but is assessed during in-house exams.

The programme build on the knowledge and skills learned during Junior Cycle and covers The Search for Meaning, Doing Justice, Morality in Action, Religious Faiths in Ireland Today and New Religious Movements.

Religious EducationReligious EducationReligious Education
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