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Transition Year

The Transition Year Programme in St. Paul’s CBS is a one-year programme that forms the first year of a three-year Senior Cycle. It is designed to act as a bridge between the Junior and Senior Cycle programmes. Transition Year is optional for students in St. Paul’s CBS.

The aim of our TY Programme is to promote the personal, educational and vocational development of students. We encourage students to grow in maturity, learn life skills and become responsible participants in society.

TY students are given the opportunity to study core subjects that they study for the full year such as English, Irish, Maths, Geography, Physical Education, Philosophy, Religious Education and Career Guidance.

In addition, TY students participate in subject modules such as Science, Woodwork, Home Economics, Art, Music and Portuguese.

Student Assessment is usually carried out on an ongoing basis and can include school-based assessment of projects or portfolios, oral, aural, practical and written activities.

Our TY students are not limited to classroom-based learning experiences and much of a TY student’s development is built on a programme of activities that include, team building trips, educational workshops, certified qualifications, work experience and participation in community projects as well as a TY specific programme with TUD.

Work experience is an extremely valuable part of TY as it shows young people the reality of the working world. Work experience gives TY students the opportunity to participate in real working environments and can guide their decisions for senior cycle subjects, further and higher education and relationships.

In St. Paul’s CBS we are focused on the holistic development of each student. We encourage our students to embrace each new experience and opportunity that comes along so that they can develop and grow into independent and responsible young people. The TY Programme aims to improve literacy and numeracy, give direction and relevant qualifications for future careers, develop life skills, appreciate culture, and nurture mental and physical wellbeing.

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